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We offer following engineering services as one of our main directions of development notably cargo lifting equipment diagnostic, upgrade & repair, turbocharchers‘ spares & service, welding and other range of associated activities being creative and solution-focused.

Service in the field of cargo lifting equipment global repair, re-design, retrofit, upgrade and etc. specifically inspection of steel structures of lifting machines using visual, magnetic and ultrasound non-destructive methods, study of strain and stress measurement of steel structures, evaluation of remaining life (service period) of steel structure and components, program development and testing of steel structures (impact resistance, tension, fatigue, etc.), vibration analysis of machinery and steel structures, development & drawing up repair and/ or upgrade documentation.

Represent Turbomare LTD (Greece) on local market (Black and Caspian seas‘ regions) providing all types of turbochargers at competitive prices and on supreme delivery terms as well as repair services including a wide range of activities such as turbocharger’s overhaul and inspection, re-blading of rotors, dynamic balancing, retrofit and reconditioning.

If you are interested of any above listed services we are ready and glad to cooperate with your Company to support your business.

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